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Strong Server Performance

Strong performance is very important these days. That's why we only use high-performance server hardware such as Datacenter NVMe SSD, DDR4 reg ECC RAM and Intel Xeon E5 / AMD EPYC 7402P processors.

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DDoS permanent protection

Nowadays, high quality DDoS protection is very important. With our DDoS permanent protection, we protect your server permanently and filter attacks in real time so that you do not notice any of the attacks.

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VDS Virtual Dedicated Server

Our root servers are based on KVM technology and, due to their strong performance, are ideally suited for medium-sized to very large projects. In addition, we offer the best possible uptime thanks to our infrastructure.

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Game Server

We offer inexpensive game servers with ideal performance. We also have a suitable solution for every project size. You also get a very clear and customer-friendly web interface.

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Our infrastructure

Our servers are located in the maincubes data center, which is TIER3 certified, offers the best possible infrastructure and has the highest possible security standards, both physically and virtually.

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Simple administration

The servers will be installed in a few seconds. With our web interface you can easily manage your server. All products are prepaid and run with our effective DDoS permanent protection.

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