Our DDoS-Protection

We secure your server against DDoS attacks!
DDoS attacks have increased dramatically in recent times. That is why our servers are permanently protected from DDoS attacks. The attacks are recognized within a few milliseconds and directly filtered.

Automatic detection of DDoS attacks
DDoS protection is automated and runs continuously. This means you do not have to set anything in order for DDoS protection to be activated. DDoS protection automatically detects and filters all attack patterns and protects your servers against DDoS attacks up to 750 Gbps.

Attack types
DDoS protection for all attack patterns, regardless of whether strong botnet attacks, floodattacks (e.g. ICMP, DNS amplification, TCP, UDP), specialized TCP / UDP (stack) attacks (e.g. SYN, SYN-ACK, TCP flags, FIN, RST, URG- PSH), flagship attacks (e.g. Teardrop, Jolt2, Targa3, Nestea), or application attacks (e.g. HTTP / S floods, DNS attacks, SIP invite floods) - our DDoS protection will notice the attacks and filter them immediately. All types of Layer3 to Layer7 attacks are immediately recognized and filtered. A successful attack is practically next to impossible.

Ideal protection for game servers
Do you have a game project with one or more game servers and want to protect yourself against DDoS attacks? Then you are right with us! Our protection is perfect for game servers and protects your server against any kind of DDoS attacks. Our DDoS permanent protection has also been ideally adapted especially for a wide variety of game servers and voice servers.
If you currently have a gaming project (e.g. Arma3, Ark, CS: GO / CSS, DayZ, FiveM / RedM, Garry's Mod, L4D2, Minecraft / Minecraft BE, Rust, Valheim etc.) and are having problems with your current provider from very strong DDoS attacks, our DDoS permanent protection would be the ideal solution to completely solve these problems.

DDoS protection is free of charge
Our Arbor DDoS protection is free of charge for our customers, it is automatically permanently activated for all servers.

Help! I am under attack! (DDoS attacks)
If your project with another provider is currently suffering from DDoS attacks, you can contact us via ticket or via WhatsApp emergency support (+43 650 8209883).

Arbor DDoS protection

No matter what or how many attack patterns are sent, Arbor DDoS protection will filter the attacks.

DDoS protection is developed and adapted on a daily basis in order to continue to offer the ideal protection and to be able to filter new attack patterns.

Arbor DDoS protection runs permanently, automatically and is available in all of our root servers, game servers and web servers.