Hardware and Technology

Our Hardware

Supermicro Nodes
We only use SuperMicro Nodes as host systems, as well as only branded hardware to be able to offer stable performance.

Top performance through top processors
Our host systems are each equipped with two Intel® Xeon E5 2680v2 and Intel® Xeon E5 2690v2 processors and therefore offer more than powerful performance.
Recently we have also exclusively installed host systems with AMD EPYC ™ 7402P CPUs.
There are 40 CPU cores per "Intel" host system, which can achieve a clock speed of 3.6 GHz.
There are even 48 CPU cores per "AMD" host system, which "only" can achieve a clock speed of 3.35 GHz, but also have additional performance due to the top modern architecture.
The "AMD" host systems are used in the root servers, web spaces and game servers. A change between the Intel and AMD host systems can be requested at any time via ticket.

Strong server RAM
For the host systems, of course, fast and powerful DDR4 reg ECC RAM from Samsung are also used to avoid errors in the RAM.

Secure and fast Intel data center SSD hard drives
We use Samsung / Intel Datacenter NVMe SSD hard drives on our host systems. To avoid data loss, we also use SoftRaid for the hard drives. In addition, our hard disk capacity is so large that we can also offer enough storage for the products.
The new "AMD" host systems also exclusively have Samsung Datacenter NVMe SSD hard drives, which also run via SoftRaid to avoid data loss.

Powerful Hardware

We pay attention to quality and not quantity. It is therefore important to us that all of our host systems are not under high load.

It is important to us that every single customer receives the service that he orders. That is why we rely on powerful hardware and KVM virtualization.

With the DborS Protection from Arbor, we protect our host systems up to date.