Information for parents and guardians

Information for parents and legal guardians:

Dear parents and legal guardians!

Your child would like to order a server from us, but you don't want to have contracts with reminders and notice periods? No problem! We have a great prepaid system, which is very fair.

With our pre-paid system, you don't have to pay annoying hidden costs. You pay exactly what you ordered. If you want to pay a server for exactly € 9.99 / month, you pay exactly this tariff monthly, there are no additional fees, costs or the like.

If you no longer want the server, you can simply let the server run out. As soon as the server expires, the server is automatically canceled and deleted. With us there are no reminders or any notice periods, you only pay for what you have ordered.

You can either make the payment with PayPal, Klarna or PaySafeCard. These are very well known and trusted payment methods. We take over the payment fees for you, so you don't have to pay annoying payment fees.